Larry Ruppel, Supervising Character Animator
European Animation Exhibits
Picture - Larry Ruppel Exhibition Invitation
Liege, Belgium 2009.  Animation Art installation with dual video displays.  Left screen: Traditional 2D / Right screen: computer graphic 3D
Liege Animation Expo, Larry Ruppel
LR Expo Liege_4 LR Expo Liege_5
LR Expo Liege_6 Picture - Larry Ruppel - Expo Liege_Chicago 10 Drawings
LR_Expo Liege_3 LR Expo Liege Main
Bastogne, Belgium 2008-2009 Animation Art Exhibit
Picture - Larry Ruppel-Poster Animation Cels and Drawings Picture - Larry Ruppel_Expo Table
Picture - Larry Ruppel  Expo_Panoramic
Picture - Larry Ruppel -Preparing for ani
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